suggestions to the engineers

A Culture of Discipline – Structural engineers must approach their work with diligence and a great sense of responsibility to themselves, their firms, and society.
President of the Structures Division of Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.

In 1886, the Centennial Exposition Committee invited French architects and engineers to submit building designs for the upcoming Centennial Exposition of 1889, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.

From approximately 700 proposals received, the project was awarded to a French bridge  engineer and metal-worker named Gustave Eiffel, who was well known for his bridge and building designs in Europe and his contribution to the structural skeleton design in the Statue of Liberty some years earlier.

Eiffel competed for and won the Centennial Exposition project. He supervised the design and construction while assuming personal financial responsibility for its completion on time (by March 31,1889, a mere 22 months after the start of construction) and within the established budget (6% below the 1.6 million francs he had estimated). The Eiffel Tower is a true marvel of engineering genius by a man who understood and appreciated the beauty of exposed structure as an expression of architecture. The elegant curved form of the tower is a product of the mathematics involved in designing the tower to resist wind forces.

cuplikan makalah dari Lawrence G. Griffis (President of the Structures Division of Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.) yang disajikan dalam majalah Modern Steel Construction edisi Desember 2006 (down-load PDF 91 kb)

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