Seminar Teknik Sipil di UPH – 22 Feb 2012

Civil Engineering Seminar at UPH, Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Zealand’s Engineers approach to latest Canterbury Earthquake


by Mr. Jitendra K. Bothara1  and  Sugeng Wijanto2, Ph.D., P.Eng.

1Senior Seismic Engineer at Beca, Wellington, New Zealand
2President Director PT Gistama Intisemesta, Jakarta

Synopsis of Seminar :

Two major earthquakes and thousands of lessor one have occurred near Christchurch causing human and property loss despite the decades of development in earthquake engineering, planning and preparedness in New Zealand. Does this mean that earthquake safety is beyond human reach? Of course not! The suffering and losses caused by the earthquakes have strengthened the New Zealanders and they have being taken as a challenge to develop further to reduce future earthquake suffering and losses.

The issue is: what can Indonesia learn from New Zealand experience ?

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