Dear Colleagues – special conference fee of EACEF 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Once again I write to remind you of the approaching deadline (30 September 2008) for submitting abstract to International conference of EACEF, Malaysia, 4 – 6 August 2009.

With the supporting from all of you, now we can announce that the 2nd International Conference of EACEF will be hosted by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), jointly organized by UTM and UPH.

You can find the detail of this international conference in this brochure or our website and

As the appreciation for Indonesian Civil Engineer as the initiator of 1st EACEF Conference, the Organizing Committee has agreed to encourage more Indonesian participants in the 2nd EACEF International Conference by giving special conference fees for RM 600 (USD200) instead of RM 1000 (USD 350). This special conference fee is valid only for participant from Indonesia (Indonesian Citizenship).

To confirm this special conference fee, please contact us through e-mail:


Based on your information, we will coordinate with the Organizing Committee in UTM for ensuring this special conference fee.

We, as the Organizing Committee of Indonesian’s Chapter, will try our best to make your participant in the 2nd of EACEF Conference becoming happen.

Best Regards,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harianto Hardjasaputra

International Advisory Committee
(Indonesian’s Chapter)

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