EERI Special Earthquake Report — December 2009

Learning from Earthquakes

The Mw 7.6 Western Sumatra Earthquake of September 30, 2009

From October 9th to 18th, a team organized by the EERI investigated the effects of the Western Sumatra Earthquake. The team was led by Gregory Deierlein of Stanford University, and included Nick Alexander of Degenkolb Engineers, Veronica Cedillos of GeoHazards International, Louise Comfort of the University of Pittsburgh, Tim Hart of Forell / Elsesser Engineers, Inc., Elizabeth Hausler of Build Change, Scott Henderson and Kelly Wood of the Stanford Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, Sindhu Rudianto of Geo-Optima, Inc., and Sugeng Wijanto of PT. Gistama Intisemesta.

Others who contributed to this report include Walter Mooney and Art McGarr of the USGS, Carlos Cabrera of Risk Management Solutions, Inc., Andrew Kizzee of Food for the Hungry, Harkunti Rahayu, Syahril Kusuma, and Anin Utami of the Institute of Technology Bandung, Kerry Sieh of Nanyang Technical University, and Gina Sandoval, Richard Franco, and Brian Di Barnaba of Degenkolb Engineers.

The research, publication and distribution of this report were funded by the EERI Learning From Earthquakes project, under grant #CMMI-0758529 from the National Science Foundation. Additional support was provided by the Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stanford University, the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, and the host organizations of individuals named above.

Download the completed report (719 kb)

Note : thanks to ibu Lanny Maruta (Kajima)




Link to my article regarding the Padang  Earthquake

4 respons untuk ‘EERI Special Earthquake Report — December 2009

  1. Pak Wir,

    Saya ingin membeli buku Bapak yang tentang SAP2000 edisi baru. Tapi sudah saya cari di toko2 buku Gramedia sudah habis semua.
    Apakah Bapak bisa memberikan info kira2 dimana saya bisa mendapatkan buku tersebut..

    Wir’s responds: ada di perpustakaan. Saat ini saya sedang berusaha untuk dapat diterbitkan lagi. Mohon doanya.


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